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Sports team travel

A fully customized experience for your team

Chartering a plane is a great way to get more exposure for your team. In addition, your athletes travel in comfort on a plane that has been customized to meet their every need.

In addition to being an unforgettable flight, the charter service has the ability to accommodate your athletes’ nutritional plans. Our consultants can work with your partners to exclusively serve their products on board the aircraft throughout your flight. Athletes and support group members can finally travel without having to compromise.

Fly in Fly out of employees

A complete hassle-free solution

EQUINOX’s clients come from a variety of backgrounds and we know how complex and sometimes frustrating employee transportation logistics can be. Chartering an aircraft greatly simplifies logistics-related tasks. Our experts will help you develop a Fly in Fly out program that will allow you to efficiently rotate your employees, no matter how many need to be transported. Your company will be more productive, even in the air!

Special events

EQUINOX is your best partner to organize a special event

Our experts work with you to customize the in-flight service to your liking. Whether it’s for a product launch, media event, wedding, anniversary, or any other reason to celebrate, we have a solution for you!

You can make a trip with one or even several destinations. EQUINOX selects the best solutions on the market that will meet all your needs in terms of transportation, comfort and style.

Each event we organize is completely unique and customized. You can customize the exterior of the chosen aircraft to display your logo, for example. It is also possible to create headrest covers to your liking. You can even choose the entertainment presented on board!


We have the experience to handle the logistics of your tour

We are your ally when you travel for a product launch, for a factory visit or for special conferences. If your itinerary includes several destinations, air charter is an efficient solution for your company. By using EQUINOX services, you can be sure to receive solutions that are fully customized to your needs.

Our team takes care of all the details to ensure that your itinerary is respected. Travel with peace of mind, as your entire team, luggage and equipment travel with you.

Government missions

You can count on the experience of the EQUINOX team

Our team is highly experienced and knowledgeable in government charters. We understand the complex requirements of this type of flight, and we work in conjunction with the airlines to find the best solution for your trip.

We support the logistics required for discreet and efficient transportation for key members of the government as well as influential political players. Our consultants offer their expertise in arranging transportation for government employees, diplomatic travelers, troops, senior executives and delegates.

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