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Our vision

Fairness and transparency dictate every choice we make

In a rapidly changing world, we believe that transparency is the best way to offer you fair service. The word “EQUINOX” perfectly reflects this value, as it indicates the only two times of the year when day and night are equally divided. It is this phenomenon that inspired our name and motivates us to offer the exceptional service that sets us apart from other air brokers.

Our team

The EQUINOX team is dedicated to delivering complete and hassle-free solutions

We have assembled experts in air transport logistics to offer you the highest quality service. These air transport professionals, equipped with many years of experience, are dedicated to meeting your every need. Each member of our team has been selected because they share our values of fairness and transparency.

Our policy

EQUINOX is the only air broker to offer 100% transparent billing

Our policy is aligned with our vision of fairness and transparency. We have created a billing system that is unique in the airline industry. Each service rendered is clearly detailed on the invoice: you will find our commission as well as copies of invoices from suppliers and carriers involved in your transportation solution.

The value of equity is very much present in our commission structure. We charge a maximum rate of 10% for all our customers. You can count on this rate even if you have a tight schedule, or a more complex situation. Rest assured that you will receive superior service with every service delivered by the EQUINOX team.

Our exclusivities

Exclusive services thanks to our team of professionals

Our experts have close relationships with specialized air carriers. Therefore, we can easily meet your most specific needs. We are also affiliated with renowned airlines, which allows us to obtain exclusive fares at EQUINOX. Through these relationships, we have access to their real-time flight inventory. This huge advantage allows us to send you a proposal faster than the industry standard.

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  • Analysis of the complete offer available on the market at the requested dates
  • Selection of the best aircraft to meet your needs
  • Transparency and fairness thanks to the unique billing system
  • Quick response speed thanks to our dedicated experts available 24/7