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Terms and conditions of use of the Equinox website

The following terms and conditions have been written to clarify the use of the Equinox Web site and its intellectual property. By registering, downloading, streaming or accessing any part of the Equinox Web site or any of its products or content, you agree to comply with and be bound by the following terms and conditions:

Rights and intellectual property

Under the following terms, Equinox owns all intellectual property rights in this Web site and all related content. You have limited viewing access only to the Equinox Web site and its content. You may not, under any circumstances, modify, copy (in whole or in part), adapt, transform or appropriate the content presented on the Web site without the written consent of Equinox.


You are specifically prohibited from doing any of the following:

  • Publish Equinox content and/or material on any media and/or platform.
  • Appropriate Equinox content and/or materials for your own sales purposes.
  • Use the Equinox content and/or material in a manner that harms or causes damage to Equinox.
  • Use the Equinox site to extract, solicit or sell any data or information whatsoever.
  • Use the Equinox site, its content and/or material for advertising purposes.
  • Use the content and/or material to publish, promote or resell it for your own purposes.
  • Publish your personal site access information for the purpose of providing access to our paid content to other users.

Limitation of liability

Equinox is not liable in any way for the use of its products or services. The use of our products or services by a third party implies that the third party has acknowledged the risks associated with the use of our products and services and that Equinox will not be liable in any way for any consequences related to or arising from the use of its Web site, products or services.

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